What it takes to Sell on Amazon as a Beginner

Today, Amazon is actually the largest online retailer in the world. Anyone can sell on Amazon with the right tools. You only need to pay some modest fees, and soon your goods will be available for millions of customers in this vast marketplace. Learn more
When starting, you will be classified as a third-party seller. In general terms, many third-party sellers do more business when Amazon is not listed as a seller of similar items sold by third-parties. When selling, your product might be featured in a buy box. It can also be featured in other parts of Amazon sales pages.

Maximize Results

All sellers who trade the same item are displayed on the same product page. You can also add products on the same detail page as fellow sellers. A key part of succeeding in Amazon involves getting the buy box. The factors that determine whether you get here include your pricing, customer reviews and use of fulfillment method.
If you want to maximize results on Amazon, then you can use the Fulfilment method. Indeed, one of the wisest things you can do to increase sales in Amazon is to use this highly acclaimed method.

Use the Fulfilment Method for Success:

  • Identify a product to sell on Amazon.
  • List the product on Amazon sales.
  • Set the price for the item.
  • Get the item ready for Fulfilment shipping by Amazon warehouse.
  • Box the items and ship them to the location of the warehouse duly assigned by Amazon.
NB: Amazon allows you to box up plenty of items together. You simply need to get the items safely to the warehouse. Once Amazon receives the items in the warehouse, they will verify that you sent the items in good condition. After this, they activate your listings. As soon as this is done, your name appears on the relevant product page. At this stage, your product is already available for sale.
Amazon usually stores these items in the warehouse, waiting for customer orders. As soon as an order is made, Amazon ships the item to the buyer. Once the shipping is done, Amazon takes some fees and deposits your sale shares into your account. You then receive an email notification from them. It is your responsibility to find items that will be sold and to forward these to Amazon. From there, Amazon takes up the remaining processes.
When receiving goods by prime shipping, customers tend to be confident that they will receive their goods exactly as described and on time. In the rare event that it falls below expectations, they are confident that the Amazon customer service will resolve the matter quickly, to their satisfaction. This has enhanced confidence in the Amazon processes and integrity of business means that your items get to sell much faster.

Extra Benefits

When selling in this marketplace, an added benefit is that Amazon will do most of the tasks required. This is true provided that you are on the Fulfilment program. You can ship items in bulk and Amazon handles all the processes until the customers receive their goods.
You can choose not to use the Fulfilment program when selling on Amazon and still make handsome sales. You can opt for a method called ‘merchant Fulfil.’ This means that you keep your sale items at a location of choice. When the order comes, it is your responsibility to ship the item to the customer directly. Regardless, it has been demonstrated that the Amazon Fulfilment program is what gives better results and higher profitability.

Setting up a New Account on the Amazon Marketplace

Obviously, the first step to take in order to sell on Amazon is to set up your Amazon account. Following the below simple steps will help you to set up your Amazon account.
  • Go to the sellercentral.amazon.com
  • Click on register now button.
  • Follow the process of account set-up.
After a few minutes, you will be ready to start selling on Amazon.

How to Calculate Your Profits

You can use the Amazon Revenue calculator. Start by downloading the Amazon seller app. It is a free app that you get directly from Amazon. It offers details on selling price, fees and other details. It also informs you of all products that are available on the Amazon website. With this app, you can use the camera on your phone to scan product barcodes. When you do this, it shows you the fee and pricing details for any item that you wish to sell on Amazon.

Using the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

You can search for whatever item that you want to sell on Amazon using this calculator. You can enter the price, shipping costs to Amazon and the actual money that you used to buy the product. The calculator will tell you exactly how much fees you will be charged. At the bottom, it will even tell you how much profit you are likely to make selling products on Amazon.

How Can You Decide What to Sell?

If you want to know what to sell on Amazon, start by checking around your home. One of the first things to consider selling are gifts that you probably received but were never opened. It could also be some books that you no longer need.
You can also buy some low-priced items at the local retail store. You might find that they are on sale or clearance. If you find that these items sell for less in the local outlets than they do on Amazon, then it could be a good idea to try this on Amazon store. This process of purchasing items at low prices in local stores and selling these on Amazon is referred to as retail arbitrage. It is the best way to start on Amazon. It requires a low initial investment, helps you learn the ropes and can give some good cash.


Selling on Amazon, even for a beginner, can be highly profitable. Have realistic expectations. Your efforts can pay off handsomely. Be ready to put in lots of work. With such information, a beginner can turn around his fortunes and enjoy selling on Amazon, the largest online marketplace in the world.