Creative Commons Images

Remember the days when finding images under the creative commons license was the worst and most difficult job ever? If you have had a website, personal or professional, for a long time than that is definitely a struggle that you remember. Nowadays, because of all of the sites offering these types of images out there, that job has become supper easy which means that you are able to really step up your game and the creativity of your site for free. Here are some of the best sources where you can go and find some incredible creative commons images.

500px Creative Commons

With Flickr fading from public interest from the public eye, this site has been aiming to be its replacement. It has over 12 million users and they offer some great predefined searches that aim to make it easier for you to find any images that have been released under the creative commons licenses.


Also known as SXC, this website is a user-powered website where different photographers upload their images which allows visitors to use them under various licenses. When using this website, one thing that you should always make sure of is that you take a closer look of the Usage Options for every photo that you are interested in because as all of them are from different artists, some of them may have different restrictions and requirements that you will have to obey in order to be able to use them.


This site is another great way for you to find some great creative commons images in Flickr. This website offers you a slick alternative on finding images that you can re-use on your website or your blog. Compfight lets you search Flickr images with any type of license and it even allows you to search for results in two different license categories: a basic Creative Commons one or a commercial license. This is important because if your website has ads or you are planning to use the image that you find on this site for any monetary gain, then you should definitely make sure to select the commercial license option. If this isn’t the case with your site, then you are free to stick to the regular Creative Commons license.

There is nothing that can make your website or blog more interesting and eye-catching than a good image, and finding professional ones doesn’t mean having to spend a lot of money or time anymore. Simply go on any one of the pages that we have suggested in this article, and get that special something that will spice-up your site and give you the upper hand in front of your competition.